How long it takes for a content creation company to become both professional and fun?



*that explains why the dinosaurs had terrible visibility. No TikTok either.

Forged in the marketing pits of influencer hell, DigiKA wants to fill the gap

between superficial exposure and trying-too-hard burnouts.

Getting yourself and your passions out there shouldn’t be hard.

It should be awesome.


We are seeking the power to change the meaning of digital marketing and content creation.

We want creators to feel free to create without the fiery breath of the bureaucratic dragon constantly on their neck.

We provide the tools and the environment.

You just bring that beautiful brain of yours.

Content Made Easy (by elves)

Modern content creation is a complex beast. Trust DigiKA with your marketing and you can enjoy creating! (And yes, we do have elves. Magic. Fireworks)

Always There

Our team is always ready to take your product or career to the next level. Your success is our success. Do you think we are stupid enough to gamble with our success? Na-ah. We will be always there for you to talk strategies, business, ideas.

Geek Experts

We are experts in geek and pop culture. We can skyrocket your content, make it relevant to the past and the present, and take it to the FRACKING moon! Well, we are pretty confident that the Force is indeed with us and we can boldly go where no other content creation company has gone before.

Latest Tech

We use the latest software in market research, content creation, content posting, and customer service. You won’t have to worry about a thing. Pinky Promise.

We Walk the Talk.

DigiKA has created a web of sites, YouTube channels, and content creators who operate under the always geeky, always pop, and always cool eye of the:

Fandom Zone Black

Tré Cool, right? Check out the Fandom Zone family.

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The Boring Stuff

Look, Dad! I am a real company now!

We have numbers and the IRS wants them public because they know who we are and we want to play with other companies so we can FINALLY be who we really want to be (not).

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you.